In a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to human health, there has never been a greater demand for products that take a natural, holistic approach to wellness, an approach that is designed around the interdependence of the body’s various systems. Nourish Vitals products perfectly meet this growing worldwide need by marrying time honored wisdom with cutting edge technology. By placing in your hands the finest quality herbs and nutritional supplements, Nourish Vitals gives you the tools you need to take charge of your health and to look and feel your best.

At Nourish Vitals, uncompromising quality is not an option – it is an obligation. It is not a vague goal — it is standard operating procedure. That’s why Nourish Vitals is the acknowledged quality leader in the industry. Quality begins in the fields, where only the finest raw materials are selected. The company’s global sourcing of raw materials ensures that the highest quality products are chosen from each harvest season. All incoming raw materials are thoroughly tested before they are released for use in Nourish Vitals products. Quality checks continue throughout the various stages of manufacturing, as well as at the completion of production.

By maintaining this intense level of quality control and developing new methods and techniques to ensure top product quality, Nourish Vitals perpetuates its long-standing position at the forefront of the industry. The natural result is a large and growing family of customers- men and women throughout the world who wouldn’t think of buying any other brand than Bazaar of India.


As a company, Nourish Vitals takes enormous pride in the quality of the products we offer. Indeed, quality is the first part of the Bazaar of India creed “Quality, Service, and Integrity.” In order to produce high quality products, we start with the finest raw materials available. All our raw materials are cultivated from natural sources. They are grown in their natural environments so as to insure the utmost potency and authenticity of the plants. Therefore, all our materials are organically grown and wild crafted (grown wild, not on farms). Because they are wild crafted, there is no pesticide, insecticide, or artificial treatments used in the growing of these herbs. We allow the herbs to grow on their own the way mother nature intended them to be; not artificially on controlled farms.


Organoleptic ID testing

This is usually the first step in the identification of herb samples coming into the Quality Assurance testing area. This analysis includes testing with the senses, i.e. checking the taste, odor, color, and appearance of the raw herb material.


A microscopic evaluation is performed on incoming samples to validate exactly which plant parts the sample contains, and to look for any foreign matter such as insect parts. By analyzing the cell structure of the sample under the microscope, we can confirm the plant species, cell type (part of plant), and see possible contamination.